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Denim is a technology-forward freight factoring partner that is committed to transforming the logistics landscape. With a focus on efficiency and collaboration, Denim's solutions streamline processes for carriers and brokers, promoting a seamless supply chain.



HaulPay is a digital payment and finance solution. Use it to unleash your working capital and finance quick pay or just to automate payments using your own funds. HaulPay provides a new flexible form of factoring with the most payment and credit options at the lowest effective cost to brokers. If a broker already has their own funding, HaulPay's solution can still automate payables, and receivables and mitigate carrier payment risk while you profit from quick pay. Whether you're a startup that needs debt-free financing or an established broker who needs a digital payment solution, HaulPay is leading the way to unleash brokers' growth.



WolfByte Software Inc. is a well-established software company that specializes in providing innovative and affordable software programs and services for the transportation industry. The company was founded in February 1996 and has since developed and perfected one of the first Windows-based dispatch programs. Today, WolfByte Software is a leading supplier of software for transportation and logistics companies across North America. The company offers a range of competitively priced products, including Brokerage, Trucking, and Fuel Tax software. These products cater to a wide range of needs, from new start-ups to well-established operations. WolfByte Software also offers integrations with external programs for Accounting, Load Posting, Carrier Reporting, and Tracking to make business operations more time and cost-efficient. WolfByte Software's mission is to provide feature-rich software that is easy to learn and use. The company promises to make all implementations as easy and seamless as possible, ensuring that its customers can quickly adapt to changing business requirements. WolfByte Software guarantees that its software can be up and running within a day, allowing customers to take control of all aspects of their operations. As WolfByte Software celebrates its successful 25 years serving the transportation industry, the company continues to lead its competitors. The company has earned a reputation for providing visually friendly and simplistic usability, making its software the number one choice for the majority of agents and dispatchers in the transportation industry.



Epay Manager is an electronic payment system designed for the transportation industry. It allows companies to pay carriers by transferring money directly from their checking account. The system is available using equipment the customers already own. Epay integrates with your existing software by using data from your dispatch system to create, process and pay invoices. It completes the payment cycle by sending information to your accounting software.



Relay Payments is an Atlanta-based fintech company building an electronic payment network in the transportation, logistics, and supply chain industries. Trusted to process more than 330,000 transactions every month, Relay is spearheading the modernization of payments in an industry historically reliant on cash and checks. Relay has joined forces with industry giants like Coyote Logistics, JB Hunt, Old Dominion Freight Lines, and others to streamline their payment process and optimize operations so products get to shelves for consumer consumption quickly.

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