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A True Rags to Riches Story

True grit and passion are the ingredients which are baked into the core of who MyCarrierPortal is and stands for. With sacrifice and determination, a product turned from an idea, to tangible, to the most widespread Carrier Identity tech on the market. Today, the same enthusiasm drives the company to continually innovate and create the very best for freight brokers and shippers across the country.

The CEO's Story

Jay Pelkey's journey from a challenging childhood to the visionary CEO and founder of MyCarrierPortal (formerly known as MyCarrierPackets) is a narrative of resilience, determination, and a relentless commitment to both his dreams and the people he serves.  Growing up in extreme poverty, splitting his time between Michigan and California, Jay faced hardships like living in a home with missing windows, relying on neighbors for basic necessities and visiting friends to play with toys and video games. Despite not completing high school, he earned his GED and a two-year college degree, all while working full-time. Jay's life took a turn when he got married and embraced the role of stepfather to his wife's son, forming a strong bond that endures to this day.  

At 18, Jay embarked on a journey marked by determination and grit. His first job search involved wearing a thrift store suit that was several sizes too big, going door-to-door, looking for a job. After 5 straight weeks of being told no at a satellite programming company, he eventually got a job despite lacking basic skills like how to type or work a headset. Harnessing his innate determination, Jay rapidly rose to become a top sales performer within three months. ​His father’s advice always stayed with him. “He said to stay at least five years and get to know everything there is about the company you work for.” Jay went from sales, to training, and collections, eventually reaching the position of Director of Operations. Unfortunately, the advent of Dish Network led to the demise of the company.

Undeterred, Jay transitioned to Countrywide, a mortgage lending company, excelling in roles ranging from Department Manager to Sales, driven by a genuine desire to help people find the best solutions. ​“While some folks were trying to sell a 60-year mortgage to an 80-year-old lady, I would really listen to them and actually find out what the best solution would be.” ​He and his wife relocated to Arizona where they had their first daughter. Jay joked about his arachnophobia fears as he remembers being shocked by the spiders and scorpions. "I would wake up like every 2 hours in the night to check on our newborn baby girl, worried she was going to get bitten by a scorpion." Couple that with the 2008 financial crisis, Jay was not all that sad about moving to California. 

​Undaunted, he sought a new industry experience and joined RMIS. At that time, it was a small company, and he quickly found his way around and identified inefficiencies in some of the processes. "This was back when we actually mailed out the renewals to carriers and were faxing info over when needed." The process of getting the certificates of insurance into the system was clunky.

Recognizing the need for change, he started building a carrier portal, driven by a desire to streamline processes and make a difference.  “The costs were extremely high which created a barrier between RMIS and small to mid-size brokers, which was about 97% of the industry.” Fueled by a determination to help the ostracized demographic, Jay founded MyCarrierPackets (to eventually become MyCarrierPortal). 

The early days were marked by personal sacrifices, with Jay investing his life savings, facing foreclosure, and working out of his in-laws' garage. Family members believed in his vision and worked pro bono, contributing to the company's early success. "I went back to being poor, but people had my back and believed in me. My wife's family even pulled out money to help invest in this small company that was not even up and running yet. I knew I had to make this work.” ​

MyCarrierPackets (now MyCarrierPortal) quickly became the largest onboarding and insurance monitoring company in the business. Jay's "can't fail" mentality, combined with a commitment to listening to customer feedback, propelled the company's growth. Unlike competitors, Jay prioritized efficiency, a top-notch product, and genuine care for customers over profit.  ​

Over the past 12 years, MyCarrierPortal has evolved into a comprehensive solution, offering an array of products designed to optimize carrier identity, enhance efficiency, and safeguard against fraud. Jay's philosophy revolves around taking care of people, listening to customers, and continually improving the product. "I honestly feel like it's just all about taking care of people. I make sure that I listen and implement the feedback. The reason we have such a good product is because the customers help me build it." ​

Driven by a philosophy centered on caring for people, Jay Pelkey continues to steer MyCarrierPortal towards innovation and excellence, ensuring that the company remains not just an option but the original and the best in its league. "We are a one-stop-shop for brokers and shippers for onboarding, obtaining COI’s, insurance monitoring, carrier identity and never-ceasing protection from fraud.” ​

MyCarrierPortal stands as a testament to Jay Pelkey's selflessness, perseverance, and dedication to creating a company that not only provides top-tier services but also prioritizes the well-being of its customers. For Jay, it's not just about business; it's about building relationships and making a lasting impact in the industry. ​To learn more, reach out today and ask about a free trial. Jay Pelkey is in it for the customers. "I want them to be able to see the difference MCP offers so they know it's the original and it's the best." ​

Meet The Team

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