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Built By the Best

We listen...then we implement.

MyCarrierPortal is built by the people who use the platform. Our amazing, valued customers deserve the credit for our massive success.

Carrier Onboarding - MyCarrierPortal
Insurance Monitoring - MyCarrierPortal

Carrier Onboarding

Insurance Monitoring

Carrier Vetting - MyCarrierPortal
Incident Reporting - MyCarrierPortal

Carrier Vetting

Incident Reporting

Carrier Onboarding

Fast and Easy - Done in Minutes

Advanced Carrier Verification

Certificate of Insurance Already on File 97% of the Time

Real-time Notifications

VIN Validation

Carrier Onboading
  • Carrier Matched Data Tool to Flag Duplicates

  • Instant Notification of Any FMCSA Changes

  • W-9 Data Verified Through IRS

  • Custom Risk Assessments to Warn of Potential Risks

  • Block, Rate, or Exclude Carriers Based on Your Standards

  • Detailed Carrier Analytics, Reporting, Trend Analyses


Carrier Vetting


  • Thousands of COI's Available and Ready

  • If COI is Not Readily Available, MCP Retrieves it

  • Monitor Auto or Cargo Coverage Along With Many More

  • Ongoing Monitoring for a Reliable Carrier Network

  • Certificates Can be Automatically Loaded in Your TMS

Insurance Monitoring
  • Ability to Build Advanced, Comprehensive Incident Reports

  • Notifications Automatically Sent to All Parties Involved

  • Only Users with FMCSA and MCP credentials Can Respond to Reports

  • Modify Risk Factors and Levels and Incident Report Thresholds

  • Load in Past Incident Reports to Keep Everything in MCP

Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting


  • Review and Edit Email Templates

  • Customize Carrier Packet Questions and Customize Payment Options

  • Add or Edit Additional Users with a Unique, Specified Role

  • Customize Multiple Risk Assessments Based on Standards You Choose

  • Customize Filters to Create Specific Criteria for Carrier Searches

  • Easily Connect Integrations with a Simple Workflow

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